In Office Services at Western Mass Wellness Center

Advanced Crystal and Sound Healing

These sessions add sound and multi-dimensional crystal healing to the gemstone healing experience.
A pure connection to the divine is created through the channeled songs, chants, and tones of the practitioner’s incredible voice augmented with crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments. This opens a pure channel of sonic healing, clearing blockages, aligning, and activating cellular memories


Gift Certificates

One hour $65 or Three (1 hr) for $165.
Good toward any of our modalities & services (package price excludes Intuitive Reflexology). 

Gift Certificates & Packages

Essential oils are known the world over for their ability to enhance physical and psychological well-being.  Enjoy 40 minutes of gentle technique involving the  application of oils to specific areas of the body known to facilitate the most beneficial results, such as one's hands, back or feet.  At Western Mass Wellness Center, our certified technicians use only 100% pure natural essential oil blends.  Experience the benefits of essential oils; as we address your specific needs while achieving systemic benefits throughout the body as whole.  This specialized, approach to essential oil application creates a deeply soothing effect and is an excellent aid in stress reduction.


A one of a kind, centuries old, wellness experience! Ashiatsu Massage can be practiced at a traditional massage table but it's anything but your usual massage... Using bars for balance, and clean well cared for feet, your therapist will work into muscle tissue with broad gliding strokes and focused techniques. Pressure can be light or deep depending on your goals, but the pressure provided by the therapist's feet is much broader and therefore provides a much more soothing experience.


An incredibly calming treatment modality, Craniosacral Therapy has an extraordinarily beneficial impact throughout the body. Practicing mild manipulation at several key points from a client's head to their feet, practitioners are able bring balance to the both brain and spinal cord which manage the entire body's interactions with and reactions to the world in which we live.  When the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal cord) are brought into harmony, the client experiences improved functionality throughout their entire system and in their daily lives.

EFT Tapping

Our bodies, the bodies of every living thing, are energetically based.  

The energy that runs through each of us plays a key role in our health, and how we function day to day.  When this stream of energy is impeded, health fades.  When we fail to let go of the stress we experience in our lives, this ultimately impedes the successful passage of the energies within the body.  The goal of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  is to release stored stress and anxiety and restore optimal movement of energy thereby improving quality of life.

EFT practitioners systematically activate acupressure points throughout the body, allowing both client and practitioner to locate areas of the body where stress and anxiety are being held. Once located, stagnation can be removed and ideal functionality returned.

Gemstone Healing

Relax and drift into a soft meditative state while experiencing the power of gemstone healing.  Gemstones are placed on your body as a layout.  Each layout is designed for a specific intention.  The energies permeate through your entire body and energy-field, charging and healing you at the cellular and sub-atomic levels.  These energies resonate inside your for 4 years or longer.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®)

Throughout the course of our lives, each of us develops conditioned responses to situations and the emotions that they trigger.  This behavior is commonly due to our tendency to hold on to memories, not just on a mental or psychological level, but on a physical level as well.  These habitual, trained, reactions can be difficult to break away from, even when changing the way we respond could result in a better outcome emotionally and physically.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) assists recipients in the process of letting go of feelings and habits, held within the body on an energetic level, that impede both health and happiness.  This enables the individual to move beyond his or her conditioned behaviors and achieve a more favorable state of being.

Ionic Detox

Ionic Detox Treatments draw toxic substances from the body by way of the feet.  Treatment recipients relax with their feet placed in a water bath.  The water in the foot-bath is charged with ions and as a result harmful materials that have built up within the body are drawn down and outward from the feet.

Heavy metals, other toxins, and waste can be seen in the water as the treatment  proceeds, and concludes.  The average treatment lasts 35 minutes.  Once the body is cleansed and free from toxic build-up, it can begin to heal and function at its best.

Massage Therapy

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to neglect our bodies, when what is needed more than ever is a health and wellness routine.  Massage Therapy is an exceptional component of any wellness regimen; boosting immunity, easing mental and physical fatigue, improving circulation and lymph flow, reducing scar tissue.   Western Mass Wellness Center offers Swedish Massage for exceptional relaxation, and Deep Tissue for therapeutic relief of chronic tension.  Rejuvenating Hot Stone Therapy, gentle Lymphatic Massage, and energizing Thai Yoga are also available.  Some of our therapists also offerintegrated Aromatherapy!


Reflexology is a centuries old therapeutic technique in which skilled work on defined areas of the foot, and around the ankle, result in a beneficial response throughout the body. Key points on the hands and in and around the ears may also be addressed during treatments. Practitioners of reflexology are trained to aid clients with specific deficiencies in wellness related to precise internal organs, systems, and structures of the body. Treatments can also be broadened to improve general mental and physical well-being. Reflexology treatments have the added benefit of providing an especially calming and relaxing experience.

Reiki / Energy Therapy

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a type of energetic therapy that continues to gain considerable recognition throughout the world for its ability to improve well-being.  Treatments focus on restoring harmony to life-giving energy, and how it moves, throughout the body. It is often used as an effective complimentary therapy for individuals receiving medical treatments for both minor and major maladies and illnesses. Due to the nurturing quality, and sense of peace Reiki can provide it is also commonly used in palliative care for those in hospice. It is not only helpful in restoring vitality among humans, but is increasingly used in animal care as well. Treatments can be performed with or without physical contact to the client, which makes long-distance Reiki treatments also possible.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a combination of coaching and ancient energetic healing techniques which utilize the chakras and meridians.  In a Shamanic Healing Session you have the opportunity to work on issues or patterns that really do not serve your greatest good in this life.  Shamanic healing practitioners are trained to locate limiting beliefs holding the client back, assessing the presence of intrusive energies to be removed and help the client to re-awaken soul parts that have long since been dormant.